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Drollic is a members only writing community. We are looking for talented committed individuals who are willing to show their work to other writers and accept the critiscim that comes with that. We love to hear new and interesting ideas. We're alwasy on the look out for talent. The application process goes like this.

How To Apply
1. Read the Weekly Prompt.
2. Write something about it. (This can be a short story, memoir, poetry, song, anything really.)
3. Send it to animeonna and franticbuddha for posting and member review.
4. We'll post your piece up on the site and the current members will vote on it.
5. If you achieve a majority of yes's then you're in.

Once you are accepted you're required to respond to at least one prompt a month. This site is an attempt to promote healthy writing styles and habits, so we need you to write about something. Beyond that, if you're an accepted member you can post any of your writing any time. However, you need to expect and accept the criticism you're going to get; this community is about becoming a stronger writer.

If you're not accepted you may apply again once it gets to the next month.

How To Submit A Prompt
1. Email it to animeonna and franticbuddha
2. If we like it, it's up.
3. If not, try again next week.

Rules To Live By
1.Be polite, kind and courteous. We're here to be constructive, not bash people.
2. Do not lurk. Once accepted please write a quick bio to stick on the comm. Members who do not post in the month are removed and must re-apply.
3.Please stay on topic-this is not a place to post about your latest breakup (unless through a creative writing piece) or how your kitten is teh Kewtezt thing EVAH!!!11!!!
4.Be creative, and have fun! This is a place to have your writing critiqued and praised. We're not out to bash your writing or be intimidating, so relax and let your creative juices flow!

Mmmm, Juices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Gelicide@hotmail.com (franticbuddha) or Helicosophy@hotmail.com (animeonna)

All writing apearing on this site is the complete and utter intelectual property of the poster/writer. Plagarism is not permitted under any cricumstances.

Maintainer #1, regular prompt writer and all around nice guy.
franticbuddha "This whole thing is my baby. I'm really hoping for a strong and kind crowd of amazing writers to end up here. Sometimes I do suck at getting things in on time. If a prompt is late E-mail me at Gelicide@Hotmail.com and I'll get off my lazy butt.

Maintainer #2, super awesome dark mistress.

No one here yet.

So, final recap, 1. Read the prompt! 2. Answer the prompt! 3. See if we think you should join! 4. If you become a member post whatever writing you want and we'll give you feedback! 5. There is no step five.